Guidelines to the students

  • Students should make use of the opportunities provided for them to the aim to achieve the all round personality development and character building.
  • Students should discipline themselves and maintain dignity in movements and speech with high standard of behaviour which brings honour to the school and parents.
  • Students should be courteores to all at school and outside in their words and deeds.
  • Students should use polite and dignified language with sweet words and pleasing manners.
  • They should treat their fellow students as brothers and sisters.
  • It is necessary for students to keep their books, notebooks and other belongings neat and tidy.
  • Whether the students make request to the teachers or fellow students they should begin with pleasing words.
  • Students should keep their teeth, body and dress neat, tidy and clean.
  • The students should keep the school premises garden play ground and class rooms neat and clean.
  • They should listen to the teachers. If they are asked questions, students should answer properly with due Respect. They should respond to the teachers adviceand instructions.
  • The students are instructed to come to school wearing decent and clean school uniform.
  • The students must always occupy the seats assigned to them in the classroom.
  • All the students should stand respectfully in the places when their teachers enter or leave the class room.
  • All the students should take active interest in all the activities and take part in all competitions in the school since these are all part of curriculum which help to develop all round personality.
  • The students should do their duties willingly, cheerfully and should do things together with others.

Rules And Regulations

  • All the students should be present in the school at 9.00a.m. As the prayer starts. The name of the late comers will be noted down and if they come late repeatedly they will be severely dealt with.
  • It is compulsory for every students to attend the assembly.
  • Conversation among the students must be only in English.
  • The students should wish their teachers and the elders whenever they happen to meet them.
  • Handwriting note books should be submitted daily and the students must try to improve their handwriting.
  • Students must note down their homework in the diary on the respective date. Homework should be done properly and submitted to the teacher concerned on the next day.
  • The parents are requested to check the school diary everyday of their children.
  • No damage should be made to the school property by the students.
  • Disobedience or misbehaviour of a student both inside & outside the school premises will be a sufficient reason for the dismissal.
  • All correspondence of the parents must be only through the principal/Headmistress.
  • The students should come with lunch in the morning itself. They are not permitted to go out during lunch time.
  • The students should bring the diary to school daily.